Convince your Audience with a Video

Increase conversion rates by 80%

just by adding videos to your online marketing.

Marketing video for just $75. 

Start NOW!  Additional BONUS [free] for Go Getters.

Do you "Really" need Marketing Videos? 

The answer is an emphatic YES!!! 

Here's Why?

Grab customer Attention

95% of users say they watch a video to learn more about a product or service.

Evoke Emotions

81% of the people became convinced to buy by watching brand’s video. Evoke emotions through visuals.

Increase Sales

76% of businesses say videos helped increase sales. Increase your brand’s perceived value. Build trust with your Customers.

Message clarity

97% of the marketers say the video marketing has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

How to use Videos in your 

Marketing Funnel? 

See better results by using different videos to achieve specific goals. 

Awareness Stage
(Top of the Funnel) 

Create brand awareness by fulling customer needs through helpful answers, insights and expertise. 

Type of videos:

Fun company videos, Inspirational content and Helpful video blogs (informational). 

Consideration Stage
(Middle of the Funnel) 

Showcase your solutions and establish your authority in your niche. 


Type of videos: 


How-to videos, 

Case studies, 

Explainer videos, 

Product videos etc. 

Decision Stage
(Bottom of the Funnel) 

Make your offer a no-brainer for the buyer. 


Type of videos:




Offer-Benefits videos 


Delight Stage
(After Purchase)

Delight your customers. Help them become your brand promoters. 


Type of videos:


Thank you notes

Product updates,

Tips, tricks and hacks 

Our Offer:

Videos that helps you achieve your business goals.

Beautiful, Engaging and High Converting Marketing Videos.

✓ Influence buying decisions

Our beautifully designed videos will help you grab customer attention and explain your product or service in a simple and effective way. 

✓ Get noticed in Search Engines

Our SEO optimized script will help you get found in customer search results thus helping you rank higher in search engine.

✓ Bump up Conversions

Each video we make is tailor-made to suit your specific goal. we work tirelessly to optimize the messaging and Call to Action to engage your audience. 

✓ Guaranteed: Quality and On-Time Delivery


Video script are the core of a successful video. If you do not like our work even after 3 revisions, you get 100% money back

In case you are not happy with the visuals, we will do the revisions. 


On-time Delivery

We deliver awesome videos within 10-working days. 

If we are late, ask for 60% discount. 

If we are later than 15 days, the video is on us. It is FREE for you. 


**See FAQ for details. 

Additional Bonus[FREE]: For Go-getters.

Super-charge your marketing. Increase your engagement with your customers with these Bonuses.

✓ BONUS 1: Video Promotion Checklist (Value $27)
  • A checklist to video marketing. A complete guide to promoting your videos and getting more video views. 
✓ BONUS 3: Quiz Marketing Set-up (Value: $897)
  • LIMITED TO first 25 customers. 
  • Use the power of quiz in marketing and increase your lead generation by more than 50%. 
  • We will Set up one Quiz and manage it for 30 days. 
✓ BONUS 2: Website Audit and Optimization Checklist (Value: $ 197)
  • LIMITED TO first 50 customers. 
  • A complete website audit of your website. We will also deliver an Optimization checklist to make your website Search Engine friendly. 
✓ BONUS 4: Quiz Marketing Checklist (Value $27)
  • LIMITED TO first 25 customers. 
  • A checklist to quiz marketing. A complete guide to promoting your quiz and getting more participants. 


**See FAQ for details.  

Our Video Creation Process

We make it super-easy for you to get your work done. We have a clearly defined process to video production making it easy for you to track your progress. 

Step 1: 
Chat and Goal Assessment

You talk, we listen. 


Our aim help you reach your growth goals.


With our videos you will be able to achieve your specific marketing goals. 


Time - 30 Minutes.

Step 3:
Video Production

We will produce high quality video for you. 

Step 2:

We start working. 


You get a search engine optimized video script. 


You do a quick review of script and give us your feedback.  

Step 4:
Final Editing and Delivery

Final review and feedback loop before the ready-to-use video is delivered to you.   

Our clients love our work. Here is a sample video.


Our clients love us because 

we work hard for them.

I can highly recommend Rahul Narayan and Golden Touch Digital. I have wanted to create videos for my website, for a number of years, but just did not have the time. After trying a few other sources, without much success, I was pleasantly surprised by Rahul and his team. I have found them to be highly responsive to any questions I may have and to make changes when I needed them, all in a timely manner. Very happy with the videos and will continue to use them.

Art Munson

The Price you will love!

Valentine's Plan


For 2 videos

Get started with video marketing

  • Save up to $800 (Value: $297/video)
  • Max video length - 2 min.
  • SEO optimized script.
  • Up to 3 revisions included.


  • Money-back Guarantee: 
  • If you are not happy with the script even after 2 revisions, we will return your money. 
  • On-time delivery for each video is guaranteed(10 working days). 
  • If we are late ask for a 60% money-back (for the delayed video). 
  • If we are more than 15 days late, your video is FREE


  • FREE Bonus 1: Video Promotion checklist. (Value $27)


  • FREE Bonus 2: (Limited to first 50 customers)- Complete SEO Website Audit and Optimization Checklist. (Value: $197) 





Use the power of video marketing to convince and sell more.

  • Save a minimum of $1110 (Value: $297/video)
  •  5 or more videos
  • Max video length - 2 min.
  • SEO optimized script.
  • Up to 3 revisions included.


  • Money-back Guarantee: 
  • If you are not happy with the script even after 3 revisions, we will return your money.
  • On-time delivery for each video is guaranteed(10 working days). 
  • If we are late ask for a 60% money-back (for the delayed video). 
  • If we are more than 15 days late, your video is FREE


  • FREE Bonus 1: Video Promotion checklist. (Value $27) 


  • FREE Bonus 2: (Limited to first 50 customers)- Complete SEO Website Audit and Optimization Checklist. (Value: $197)


  • FREE Bonus 3: (Limited to first 25 customers)- Quiz Marketing - We will set-up one Quiz / survey and manage it for 30 days. (Value: $ 897)

  • FREE Bonus 4: (Limited to first 25 customers)- Quiz Marketing checklist. (Value $27)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What kind of video do you produce in this offer? 

We make social videos, Book/product promotion videos for you. Social videos are digitized videos that are shareable through social media channels. 

Our Videos are optimized to engage with your audience based on their status on your marketing funnel. These videos can be Marketing/Sales offers, content marketing videos, Explainer videos etc.  


Note: We use images that are free for commercial use, if you have some specific images, please let us know in advance. 


How can I use these video?

 You can upload these videos on your Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.


If you want to use your videos for Instagram (square videos), please talk to us before we start working. NO EXTRA COSTS TO YOU. 


Why book a meeting, when I am ready to pay and start right away?

We want to serve you the best. We align with your goals. Your success is the only thing that matters to us. Based on our discussion, we suggest video concepts and the promotions channels you should be using.   


How does the meeting booking process work?

Our meeting is video chat. Video chat is the best form of face to face meetings. It saves you travel time and at the same time enables you to work with the best people across the globe. 


Once you book a demo, you are sent to our calendar, from where you can choose the date and time that works best for you.


Why are only three edits per video included?

From our experience, we have seen that three edits per video production are more than enough for high-quality video. This helps us keep things simple and deliver maximum value to our customers. In case, we feel, there is a need for more - we go ahead and do it for our customers.  


How do I pay? 

You pay through PayPal. 


Payment has to be done in advance. Not the whole money, but 50% of it. Say for example: you want 4 videos in total. You pay for 2 videos first and then, once the 2 videos are delivered to you pay for the next 2. Similarly, if you want 3 videos, you pay for 3 videos in advance, once we deliver you the 3 videos, you pay for the next 3. 


Please explain the money-back Guarantee. 

We take pride in work and deliver videos on-time. "On-time" means within 10 working days for each video. (excluding the time taken by you to give us the necessary feedback and approval).  

If the delay is more than 15 working days - The video is FREE


Please note: 

1. We work on videos sequentially. So if you have booked more than one video with us, work on the second video will start after the final version of the first video has been submitted to you.  

2. Working days: Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sundays are off).


Please explain the Bonus. 

Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive the following bonus from us: 

Bonus 1(Value $27): A video marketing checklist (PDF) to promote the videos and reach out to the right customers.


Bonus 2 (Value $197): SEO Audit and Optimization - We do a complete SEO audit of your website and send you an Optimization Checklist.


Bonus 3 (Value $897): Quiz Marketing - We will set-up one Quiz / survey and manage it for 30 days.


Bonus 4 (Value $27): A quiz marketing checklist (PDF) to promote the quiz/survey and create engagement with the customers. 


Please note

To get Bonus 2, 3 and 4, you must have paid for the videos(as agreed upon). i.e. Once we have completed and delivered all the videos to you, we start working on the quiz and Website Audit. 


Have more questions? 

Chat up with us. 

Legal - Please read our privacy policy.